Logotherapy: Are you surviving or Living?

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Life can get overwhelming with bills, bosses, and breakups, leaving us with challenges. Stress, worry, toxicity, and turmoil bombard us all the time. In the midst of this chaos, how can we stay afloat?

Discover if Logotherapy, a mysterious concept, could be your unexpected savior.

So, what is Logotherapy?

You might think it’s a kind of fix-it job. It’s not.


Because you’re not broken!

Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, made this Psychotherapy idea. It’s about finding what matters to you. Not any stuff, but life stuff. “Your purpose“.

Think of it like a special map. No hidden treasures here, but something better. Your life’s direction.

Feeling lost? Stuck in a rut? That’s where this comes in handy. Like a compass, it helps you find your way.

Meet Tom, a once devoted firefighter, whose life was clouded by guilt after a tragic accident, but managed to reshape his pain into a purpose, educating his community about fire safety.


Meet Sarah, a high-flying executive, who despite her success felt an emptiness inside, until she discovered her true passion – helping others, and started to weave this love into her everyday life through volunteering and mindfulness.

You will read details about them and their coping mechanism later in this article.

For now, let’s dive in. See how it works.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl

Logotherapy: Your Lifebuoy in the Sea of Everyday Life

Still confused? What the actual heck is Logotherapy on the ground? Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

Logotherapy is like a lifebuoy. You know those ring things they throw in the water to save people? Yup, that’s the one.

Photo from Pexels by Martin Schneider

But this lifebuoy is different. It’s not for swimming. It’s for life. It helps us stay afloat when life feels like a stormy sea.

So how does it work?

Well, it’s about finding what makes your life special. It’s about finding your purpose.

Picture this. Life’s like going to work every day. Logotherapy is like finding out why that work matters. Not to pay bills, but to you, deep down.

That’s the magic of Logotherapy. It turns the daily grind into something meaningful.

And who doesn’t want that?

So, do you think you are crazy to ever question your existence?

No, You’re Not Crazy: Navigating the Rough Waters of Existential Crisis

Ever felt like a tiny boat in a big, stormy sea? That’s what an existential crisis feels like.

An existential what?

Okay, Picture this. You start questioning everything. Why am I here? Does life have a meaning? It’s like a storm in your mind.

This storm can be scary. It might make you think you’re going crazy. But you’re not.

Here’s where Logotherapy sails in.

It says this storm isn’t bad. It’s not a sign of a broken brain. It’s a sign of a searching heart.

Logotherapy looks at mental health in a different way. You’re not sick because you question life. You’re trying to find your place in the world.

And that’s not crazy. That’s human.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

Finding Your Anchor: The ‘Will to Meaning’ in Life’s Storms

Ever heard of the ‘will to meaning’? It’s a cool idea from Logotherapy.

What’s it about? It’s all about finding what matters to you. Your purpose. The thing that makes you jump out of bed each morning.

Think of this ‘will to meaning’ as an anchor. You know, the heavy thing that keeps a boat from drifting in a storm.

Photo from Unsplash by Lucas Sankey

Life can be that storm. And your purpose? That’s your anchor.

It keeps you steady. Gives you something to hold onto when times get tough. It’s not about avoiding the storm. It’s about staying strong through it.

That’s the power of your ‘will to meaning’. It’s your personal life-anchoring superpower.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Your Life Toolkit: The Three Pillars of Logotherapy

Logotherapy says we’ve got three tools, or pillars, to find our anchor in life. Here’s what they look like:

  • Doing something meaningful: This could be your job, a hobby, or even helping others. It’s about what lights up your day and makes you feel alive.
  • Loving someone or something: It could be your family, a pet, or your favorite book. Love, in any form, adds flavor to life and makes it worthwhile.
  • Learning from hard times: Life’s not always a bed of roses. When life gives you lemons, how about making lemonade? (I know, cliché). Turning tough times into growth opportunities can be life-changing.

These pillars aren’t magical solutions. They’re stepping stones that help you navigate through life. Apply them in your daily life and see where they lead you!

When Life Hurts: Finding Meaning in Suffering

No one likes to feel pain. But sometimes, life hits hard. In these times, Logotherapy throws us a lifeline.

It says, even suffering can have meaning. Sounds crazy, right? But hear me out.

Imagine you’re a star athlete. A broken leg benches you for a season. It’s tough. But then, something happens.

You start coaching. Helping others gives your pain a purpose. You’re still hurting, but now it makes sense.

That’s what Logotherapy means. Even in our darkest times, we can find a spark of purpose. And that spark? It can light the way forward.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela

Choose Your Attitude: The Freedom of Choice in Logotherapy

Ever feel stuck in life? Like you have no control? Logotherapy says, hold up. You always have a choice.

Now, we can’t always choose what happens to us. Life isn’t a movie where we write the script. But here’s the good news: We can always choose our attitude.

Think of yourself as the director of your life’s movie. The scenes happen. Some are happy, some sad. But you get to choose how you react to them.

Lost your job? You can sulk or see it as a chance to try something new. Failed a test? You can quit or take it as a lesson.

The choice is yours. And that choice? It’s a powerful tool to steer your life’s ship.

Logotherapy in Action: Turning Life’s Trials into Triumphs

So, we’ve talked about Logotherapy. But let’s look at it in action.

Remember Tom and Sarah at the start of this article? Here is a detail about them turning life’s trials into triumphs.

Tom’s Story

Tom was a firefighter, the pride of his small town. One winter, a terrible fire broke out in a neighborhood. Tom and his team were quick on the scene. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to save a young family trapped in the blaze. The loss hit Tom hard. He couldn’t shake off the feeling of guilt and helplessness.

The trauma started to consume him. Nightmares, guilt, and anger became a part of his daily life. He isolated himself, and the world seemed a dark place.

One day, a friend introduced him to Logotherapy. He learned about the concept of ‘will to meaning’ and felt a flicker of hope. He asked himself, “What truly matters to me?” His answer was, ‘Saving lives’. But he was now afraid of his job, the place where he once found his purpose.

In his journey of healing, Tom started asking, “How can I turn my pain into purpose?” He decided to use his traumatic experience as a stepping stone. He took it upon himself to educate the community about fire safety measures. He worked with schools, local businesses, and community centers, spreading knowledge, and saving future lives.

Simultaneously, he sought professional help to deal with his trauma. He practiced mindfulness and started to heal. His trauma was a part of him, but it no longer controlled him.

The road was not easy. There were days he stumbled, fell even. But each time he reminded himself, “Am I growing as a person?” This question kept him going. He accepted his trauma and was learning to live with it.

Tom’s life had changed dramatically, but he found a new purpose. He realized that while he couldn’t control everything, he could control his attitude toward it. And in that realization, he found his way to navigate life’s rough seas.

Like Tom, we all have our battles. But remember, within us lies the power to choose how we perceive and react to life’s challenges. We have the potential to find meaning, even in the hardest times.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah was a successful marketing executive. However, she felt an empty feeling inside her. She was climbing the corporate ladder, but for what? She couldn’t shake off the feeling of being lost, like a ship without a compass.

One day, Sarah stumbled upon Logotherapy. She found the concept intriguing and decided to try it. The first question she asked herself was, “What truly matters to me?” She realized that while she enjoyed her job, her real passion lay in helping others. She loved the sense of fulfillment it brought her.

But how could she bring this passion into her everyday life? She began by volunteering at a local community center on weekends, realizing the joy she got from helping others was incomparable to any professional success.

She also started practicing mindfulness and learned to cherish every moment, whether good or bad. Also, learned to view challenges as opportunities for growth, asking herself, “What can I learn from this?”

Sarah still had tough days. But now, she saw them as waves, a part of the sea of life. And with each wave, she chose her attitude. She chose resilience.

These aren’t stories. They’re real people who used Logotherapy to make their lives better. They chose to find meaning and turned their pain into purpose. And guess what? You can too!

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Question Yourself

Logotherapy encourages us to keep asking ourselves key questions to stay afloat. Here are a few:

  • What truly matters to me? Is it your family, your job, your passion, or something else? This question helps you stay connected to what gives your life meaning.
  • How am I reacting to life’s events? Remember, we can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control our reactions. Check in with yourself regularly and test your attitude.
  • Am I learning from my challenges? Every tough time holds a lesson. Ask yourself what each challenge is teaching you. This will help you find meaning in adversity.
  • Am I growing as a person? Growth is a key part of life. Assess your personal growth regularly. Are you becoming more patient, kinder, or stronger?
  • How can I turn my pain into purpose? This is a powerful question. It encourages you to find ways to use your struggles to fuel your growth and purpose.

Remember, these questions are not a one-time thing. Throughout your life, you should ask them repeatedly. So, keep them handy and let them guide you on your Logotherapy journey.

Riding Life’s Waves: The Logotherapy Way

So, we’ve talked a lot about Logotherapy. We’ve explored what it is, how it works, and how it can transform your life. But let’s do a quick recap.

Logotherapy is like a lifebuoy. It helps us stay afloat when life’s waves crash over us and shows us how to find meaning in the everyday and in the tough times too.

It teaches us that no matter what happens, we always have a choice. Our attitude can be our greatest weapon or our biggest downfall.

We’ve seen real people use Logotherapy to turn their trials into triumphs. And the best part? You can too!

So, go out there and find your meaning. Embrace the ups and downs. Choose your attitude. Remember, you’re the director of your life’s movie.

Ready to ride life’s waves the Logotherapy way? Your journey starts now!

See you all later. 🙂

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